Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Hexies, Orange and Aqua Style

Thanks to Heather of A La Mode Fabric, I had hexies on the brain last night as I continue to bust out baby outfits... Look what she M-A-D-E me do:

I haven't appliqued the patch to the little shirt yet...any tips for applique with Hexies?? I found some really helpful templates for several hexagon sizes HERE.

New fabric from Sew Deerly Loved arrived yesterday too, sparking my motivation even more :) It's amazing how fast nap time goes by when you're having fun....Now, it's off to Neena and Papaw's house for some weekend fun...a finished quilt to show you hopefully Monday! xo


Kerri said...

that is sooo cute, ariel!! love the colors, and they look so cute with the pants!! heather is about to MAKE me start too!! horrible, isn't it. ;)

have fun at neena and papaw's house!!

Unknown said...

a r i e l.... is there nothing you can't do well??!! fab colors... you know i'm a nutcake for them ;)

and you could just do a simple straight stitch outlining the flower... then it won't be too scratchy for the baby! :)

xo, Heather

Angela Nash said...

Adorable! I have hexes on the brain, too. I swore I wouldn't start, but I'm all set to make some on the road trip this weekend. I hope my pile ends up looking as great as your little set!

Tacha had some good tips in the Fat Quarterly mag if you want to try to do it by machine.

Jackie said...

What an adorable little outfit. Your little guy will be the best dressed little boy around. Have a fun weekend.

Angela {fussycut} said...

Hi Ariel! I'm loving all of the baby clothes you are making. I need to get moving on some. When are you due again?

And I was curious, what pattern did you end up liking the best for the baby pants? I would love to make a few pair for our little girl coming in July. xo, Ang

Aunt Spicy said...

love! I am just in love with everything you are making! so creative! thanks for visiting my blog, its so fun to meet new bloggers!

savvy stitch said...

I love those buses! Very cute fabric. Love the quilt you made, too!