Thursday, July 14, 2011

the DROID 'Charge'

Another great device is available from Verizon. And, the awesome Verizon folks allowed me to spend some time with the DROID 'Charge' for a very exciting event. *This review is based solely on my personal opinion after spending a week using the device. I did not accept anything in exchange for the review and these are my genuine thoughts on the subject...

Last weekend, my home church sponsored an awesome date night experience called, the Amazing Race. It was just evening of running around with my husband, competing against 150 other couples, like chickens with our heads cut off -- all in the name of LOVE ;)

When I registered for the event, I knew for a fact that my husband and I are B-A-D with directions. Our GPS device in the car is almost worse than not having a map. SO, when I had the chance to review a DROID Charge, it was a no-brainer. The device made it easy for us to Google locations as part of the Amazing Race clues, and also phone folks for help. Not to mention, there were some crazy pictures and tweets flying around from other couples as they accomplished tasks such as, diving to the bottom of a pool for dive sticks (in their street clothes), hauling a dummy through a smoke-filled trailor at the fire station, and paddling boats at lightning speed along the Indy canal. We discovered several things:

a. folks get crazy when there's a finish line involved

b. we're lost without Verizon Navigation

c. hanging out with your spouse, on adventure is flippin' sweet fun

The evening was exhausting, and we used up every last second of battery life on that DROID. But we had an amazing time :) Here are a few things I discovered about the DROID 'Charge'...

  • Pro's: The Droid Charge is a Samsung device, and similar to the Fascinate that I reviewed earlier in the year, it's super user-friendly. The Android apps are every bit as awesome and updated as when I reviewed last. My new favorite is HootSuite, so I can say the same thing on Facebook as Twitter...This really came in handy as we updated our status throughout the 'race'. I also loved the size of this device, and would compare it to an iPhone, but more rounded edges. It slipped easily in several of my jeans pockets, which is ESSENTIAL to how I like to roll with my cell phone :) No dragging around an extra purse just for my phone, y'all. I like me some low-maintenence with a baby on the go. The 'Charge' is also a 4G phone rather than the 3G Fascinate, meaning lighting fast speed in 4G areas.

  • Con's: Battery life was lacking. It didn't hold up as well as the Fascinate, in comparison. Keep in mind that I had GPS tracking enabled most of the Amazing Race, which drains battery life significantly. It lasts a good full day with normal use (twitter, facebook, music streaming, etc.) I wasn't as impressed by the camera quality as the Fascinate. While still good 'phone quality', you just can't beat the lens clarity of the Samsung Fascinate. I wouldn't use this phone for heavy outdoor use, like camping or hiking, where you would be away from a charge source.

If you're interested in a new Verizon device, check out their website for links to simulate use of that device. Or just go play with them in the store. It's a great way to give it a 'test run' before you commit.

And, for folks who live in the Indiapolis area, and are interested in participating in the next crazy awesome couples event, visit for more info.

'Cause where else can you get the opportunity to dive to the bottom of a pool, crawl through a smokey house, dip into a pot of cash, get a tattoo, shoot baskets with toilet paper rolls, eat sushi blindfolded, build a robot, ride a mechanical bull, and renew your wedding vows...all on date night???