Monday, January 31, 2011

Angry Birds my birthday cake?

If anyone birthday is March 27th and I want an Angry Birds birthday cake! HA!

Have you seen this on etsy? These cuties were created by Artisan Cake Company on etsy out of colored fondant. TOOO cute!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography Apps

I'm a little obsessed with the two new photography apps I downloaded today on the Samsung Fascinate and Galaxy Tab. Verizon is sending these two awesome gadgets with me to Blissdom 2011 for some review time.

Photography is a huge love of mine, and I'm completely stoked that my friend, Mandy, shared these apps with me. Try them out on your iPod Touch, etc... It's completely fabulous to be able to leave the Nikon at home this trip and just take a sleek little phone, without sacrificing too much picture quality...especially since I'll be taking baby Clayton...and everything but the kitchen sink. (But I packed dish soap and a I nuts?)

Check out Retro Camera and Vignette for options to make your photos look like they were taken 40 years ago.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunch....Getting the Creative "Juice" Going

I've been meaning to share one of my new favorite blogs with you, called Another Lunch. I love the adorable creativity this blogger comes up with on a daily basis to make her kiddos a healthy and FUN lunch on the go.

Awhile back, the Queen of Free posted a deal from that allowed me to score a Goodbyn lunchbox for $2.95, shipped. (I know, right? Gotta love that Queen!) I had been eyeing that lunchbox because I had so many cute ideas of how to use it after reading Another Lunch. It's also a New Year's goal for me to spend less eating out, especially for lunch.

I love that the box itself reduces the amount of waste because there are no sandwich baggies, etc. There are no tiny parts to keep track of, just one lid that seals around each compartment, keeping them from spilling over. There's also a drink bottle that comes with the box and fits perfectly. The Goodbyn comes with two sheets of waterproof stickers to decorate your box...Titus and I had a lot of fun with that's our Goodbyn in use this afternoon...

I was able to fit both my lunch, and my 3 year old's lunch in the same box :) (Making for one very happy momma with only 2 hands to get out the door, AND saving us from driving through Wendy's...again...) Pictured above: (top compartment) 1/2 peanut butter sandwich and a whole turkey sandwich cut in half, (middle) 1 wedge of Laughing Cow creamy swiss chesse with a Flintstone vitamin and water bottle, (bottom L to R) Reduced Fat Wheat Thin crackers, 5 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (to eat and some to share!), a yogurt container, and organic snap pea crisps. That's a lot, right?!

We also packed this baby full of a quick lunch for our whole family on the way to Grandma's, Christmas Day...very convenient! We just had the box and extra drinks.

You can score a Goodbyn on right now for $15 once you create a free account. Shipping is also FREE if you invite 10 friends by email. (Retail value is approx. $24.95)

Here's to being more creative with how we save on lunch this year...cheers!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


"DROID..." a little sound I've grown accustomed to in the past two months as I've enjoyed reviewing Verizon's DROID X mobile phone by Motorola. Remember my post about Verizon's Hap-appy Holidays event hosted by Indy's Queen of Free? Here's what I've grown to love and love some more about this fun device. (Please know that I did not receive any money for this review, and these are my genuine thoughts on the subject...)

I wouldn't call myself a tech-savvy gal by any measure. I mentioned before that I don't even text on my personal cell phone plan...mostly to cut corners and save $. I have, however, found that it's extremely easy to become quite the "techie" in the first few minutes of hanging out with this phone. Here are some of my favorite uses...

1. I can tether my new netbook to the DROID's 3G mobile hotspot....anytime, ANYWHERE. Seriously, folks...I used this puppy all the way from Indianapolis to Raleigh, NC. I was in the hills, mountains, and valleys...with a signal :)

2. the Swype feature is seriously intuitive and much speedier for me to text and update my facebook status with just the drag of my finger on a touchscreen.

3. The Android apps are endless. A few of my favorites have been Google Sky Map, Slice It! (for those of you who wish to work your brain), any of the preschooler games from Five Pumpkins, such as their interactive alphabet flashcards, the infamous Angry Birds, and I would literally be lost without Verizon's VZ Navigator.

4. The phone's camera is 8 mega-pixels awesome. I was able to leave the Nikon at home on quick trips with the kiddos, and it was very handy to snag HD video of my boys, like when my 4 month-old rolled from back to belly and over again for the first time!
*here's a little shot of my cutie eating his first cereal, taken with the DROID X

5. Browsing stores online during Black Friday and after Christmas was much easier with Android apps., American Eagle Outfitters, and Etsy are several sites who have set up their navigation to be tailored to this phone. I could even manage my etsy shop from the Etsy for Android app.

6. the DROID X comes with a charger cable that includes a USB plug within ...making it easier to keep track of only one cable to charge the phone AND upload pics to my PC.
The DROID X is definitely the networking device. While I love the ability to stay connected from virtually anywhere, I found the phone itself to be awkward. Because the DROID X has such a large touch screen (4.3 inches), it's not as comfortable to hold up to your ear for an old-fashioned phone call. The speaker phone option is very good, or if you're a blue tooth kind of talker, these are quick fixes. The large screen makes it difficult to operate the device one-handed, and a DEFINITE no-no to operate while driving ( Oprah got one thing right...)

Overall, I would fully recommend the DROID X. I've really enjoyed using it and will have to gracefully battle withdrawl for a bit once I pack her up to ship back :) BUT, stay tuned...The Queen of Free and I are traveling to Blissdom 2011 at the end of the month, and I will have lots to report! You can now follow me on Twitter @CreativeAriel
Happy New Year!