Monday, April 19, 2010

"Sewing Up" more for BABY

What a good was a whirlwind for us, but a good weekend. We hosted our women's retreat at church on Saturday, with the theme, "Awaken". There's no better season to talk about being awakened to God's love, than spring. I led worship for the first time, "growing" me out of my comfort zone....but I had wonderful friends and a sweet hubby who plays guitar and drums help lead with me and that brought all the comfort in the world. God is good...and he gave us Spring to prove it, huh?

So, I've "sprung" into sewing, now that I feel so much better and am only a few months away from little man's arrival. I mentioned using up some Heather Ross scraps that were graciously sent to me by my buddy, Kerri. Without all those generous scraps, I probably wouldn't have been so excited to whip out all these baby goodies. Here's what I've been working on today:

The pieced top of a lovey for my little buddy, with an appliqued kimono-style Gerber top to match. (don't you love those side snap shirts in the beginning when you're going through a package of diapers every day??)

Another pieced quilt top for a lovey and some cutie-pie pants for my friend's baby girl, due in June....I still need to run out and get some elastic to finish the waist and some minkee to back these lovies.

Aside from all the sewing fun today, I keep stepping in wet spots on the floor because we're doing some potty training "boot camp" with Titus far, lots of accidents to clean up, but he's going to be a pro by the end of the week, I believe! ;)


Jamie said...

Such fun, cute baby stuff! Good luck with the potty training boot camp!

Katie B said...

Hey, we did potty training boot camp with my son this weekend too! We had some accidents at first, but by yesterday he had just one accident (and that was outside, so it hardly counts). Good luck! And I love the cute baby stuff you've been making. :)

B. said...

I'm jelious! Now that Andrew is here I don't have time to make anything for him.

Jackie said...

All of your sewing projects look great! Goodluck with the potty training. I am hopeful that Joseph will be showing signs of readiness in another month or two. Take care.

Kerri said...

sounds like a lovely week-end!! nothing better than being refreshed!

i love the sewing projects you've been doing!! i'm ao glad the scraps i sent are coming in handy! :)