Sunday, March 8, 2009

Softies Are Swell

I've been brainstorming for awhile some gobbledeegook-type creatures that would make great softie toys for kiddos. My friend, Lynsey was over the other day and it turns out that she has been thinking about making some cuties too. It's always fun to see what others come up with. Here is a talented etsy artist who sells some of the cutest little buggers I've seen. Visit Plants and Animals to see more!

I like this guy's snaggle tooth. He looks so determined.

And, of course, owls are all the rage! She's pretty in pink! I like this one for my little niece.

This little monster's name is Hugzilla. Titus would love him! Who wouldn't? He's all business on the front with his bowtie, and party in the back with his dino-spikes!

It's okay to want one for me too, isn't it???

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