Friday, March 6, 2009

Sewing Tid-Bits

It's surprisingly quiet here as my little guy is sleeping. I'm also watching my friend's little girl today, who is a week younger than Titus. Somehow, I got them both to nap at the same time! So, here is a look at a couple of sewing projects I finished this winter.

This little cutie was my first attempt at a softie doll. I made the pattern myself and used up the last of my brain cells as I figured out how to piece her together and attach her arms and legs. She turned out so sweet and she was a great stocking stuffer for my mom.

Have you seen those super cute scarfettes that are so popular on Etsy? There was an old cowl-neck sweater in my closet that had shrunk too much for my taste, so I upcycled the cowl into a scarfette. There is a layer of lace added to the top and some vintage buttons from my stash. I also used some grey and evergreen-colored felt to add a little somethin'-somethin'. Hmmm... perhaps it would look better on.

Thanks to an awesome graphic design friend in our Life Group from church, I should have a new look to my blog, coming soon.....


Mandy said...

I love that little doll. Too cute. And I've made some pretty cute scarfettes too (well I think so). How do you find the time/space to do all this cute stuff?=)

Check your email, you should have a link to a design to look at.

Ariel said...

Well,'s called "I guess I really don't care how messy the dining room table is right now" and it's pretty much all I do when Titus is napping ;) Sometimes he still takes two naps a day!

I would love to see your scarfettes!