Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Samsung, Double-Fisted

I recently "double-fisted" two Verizon Wireless devices to review during my trip to Blissdom (see THIS post). I did not receive payment for this review, nor do I get to keep the devices. As always, these are my genuine thoughts on the subject. Why the review? Cause the folks at Verizon are just super nice and it was REALLY fun having a phone in each hand ;)

This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I would compare it to the size of a Kindle. It operates just as a smart phone, only a nice BIG screen. Bluetooth capable, rear and forward cameras, it's kind of an all-in-one...and quite the eye-catcher. I lost count how many folks asked what we were using when out to eat, etc. Quite a few conversations started by this device.
As you can see above, there are MANY apps to choose from in the Android 'store'. You already know my love for the "Retro Camera" app, which I used to take the above photos. My only hope is that the Android apps will catch up to this technology and resize their picture to fill the Tab's large screen. Some of the more popular apps have already caught on, so I played Angry Birds in full-size :)
Here's the Tab, using the Amazon Kindle app (it's free!). The screen is backlit and very easy to read. You can also adjust the screen tone in this app to reduce glare, etc. While the screen on the Tab is glossy, it didn't seem to make a difference while I read. I also used this device to tether my netbook at the conference when I didn't want to hop on the hotel's public wifi. While I didn't carry this one quite as much as the next device I want to show you, it does appeal to the e-reader wannabe in me, who wants a Kindle-type device that can do more than just display books.
Here is the Samsung Fascinate. I'm going to be completely honest here and say this is my favorite of the devices I have reviewed to-date with Verizon. You may recall my post about the Droid X. I'm liking the Fascinate even more. Here's why. The size is sleek and it is easier to get my girly hand around to hang on to. I can warm up to the price of this one more. This device does pretty much everything the Droid and Tab can do, but it's pocket-sized. The camera is a smaller pixel quality than the Droid X, but the lens is better and it takes remarkably GOOD photos, which is a biggie for me. It has 7 (count that...SEVEN!) screens to store your favorite apps, load social network updates, and run your blog feeds. I carried this phone everywhere at Blissdom and used it as my main camera. It didn't disappoint. It holds a good charge. I used it very often (blogging, camera, twitter, etc.) for about a day and a half between charges. I'm going to miss this little fella ;)

Did you hear? Verizon is getting the iPhone. I'd be interested in trying it out and seeing if the Fascinate can still hold the torch for my fav phone.

Here are a few of my favorite photos to leave you with, as I say farewell to these devices and pack them back up...

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