Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blissdom 2011

I've been home from the Blissdom 2011 bloggers' conference for over a week, and I hadn't been out of the house until Friday evening (that's a total of 5 days couped up, folks!) You'd think I'd be better at blogging some posts up, right?
Here we go. It was a whirlwind adventure to Nashville, TN with one of my favorite gals, Cherie, from the Queen of Free. We networked with other lady bloggers, some really great companies, and squeezed in some extra fun stuff too. We saw Mat Kearney in concert (a first for me...he's super talented and very down-to-earth-funny), walked the red carpet, drank purple punch, and saw Dave Ramsey in-person. We even witnessed a flash mob of dancers. Very exciting.
This is my Blissdom experience in wireless phone pictures, all thanks to Verizon, who sent me with a couple sweet devices that I'll review for you in my next post.
the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville...BEAUTIFUL.
Dave Ramsey, LIVE in his studio at Financial Peace Plaza

"Sharing my Breakfast" at the Kellogg's booth (photo courtesy of Kellogg's) p.s...go HERE to learn more about this great cause

A little Nashville stars love. I *heart* Minnie Pearl.

Remember the Dukes of Hazard?? So great.
Daisy Duke's jeep was parked inside.
The trip was awesome. I learned quite a bit about how to improve my blog. I had a chance to pet live catfish...which I declined. xo, Ariel

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