Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photography Fun with Photoshop Actions

Sometimes I can be really slow about noticing some awesome trends in technology...I think that's part of being a stay-at-homer. I've really got to dig deep to keep up with what's new. That's one of the reasons I love all you bloggies out there. You teach me so much!
Check this out... Have you played around with Photoshop actions?
Here's the BEFORE.
Here's the AFTER.

You really need to check these two blogs out...

First, Mandy made me peek at Pioneer Woman. She is a hoot to read. Ree cracks my stuff up. I'm not going to lie...there's burpin' going on over at that blog...I don't know how she manages to completely dialogue with her readers, but it's an awesome, informative read. Ree is very informative and step-by-step. Check her out.

Second, I heard about Paint the Moon from a friend on facebook. Annie has several free downloads and then some even more awesome action sets for purchase. I love all the drippingly sweet retro camera affects she has made so simple...once you download her actions, you just click a button and voila...instant picture overhaul. LOVE it.

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Mandy said...

Try some of her recipes next. You won't be disappointed.