Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Shower Sweets

I'm just getting to this post, but I didn't want you to miss the pictures from the baby shower that Mandy and I hosted for our friend, Jamie. She's due with a boy next month, so we enjoyed covering every surface in my house with aqua and yellow :) Here's how we celebrated her new bundle of Sweet...

printable bunting banner found here.
Mandy and Jamie with our sweet friend, Krissy
Tissue poms that Martha Stewart makes to look easy...but they weren't. I ripped them several times. I couldn't hold back my monster arm strength. Mandy will agree., y'all know how I love pinwheels...
All the food ideas came from miss Mandy. She even designed labels for the edible treats, drinks, and thank you gifts. Parties rock when you have your own personal graphic designer friend ;)
Cheesecake pops...'nough said.

Yummy. Here's where Mandy found the idea.

Adorable paper straws from Hey Yo Yo.
Thank-you lip balms from Invites by Bubbles.
Pickle soaps (you have to have pickles with your ice cream lip balm) from AJ Sweet Soap.

And, because Mandy loves my readers too, she is sharing her label designs here
to print:


Unknown said...

How fun! I especially love the pickles and ice cream. :)

lauren said...

what a sweet shower! and those cheesecake pops look deadly delicious.

Jackie said...

It looks like it was a great shower. I've never tried the tissue paper flowers. The pickle soaps are too funny.

Jamie said...

The shower was great! Thanks again Friend!!!!
I would love to have some pics to put on my blog as well :)

zerry ht said...

This is so creative! I have never arranged a party for anybody but I am thinking of doing something for my sister who is getting married next month. I am planning to throw a party for her in one of the home studios NYC before she gets married.