Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Weekend Sewing and Weekend FUN

How was your weekend?? The weather here in Indiana was beautiful (until today) so we took little Titus to the zoo. There are new Alaskan brown bear cubs, which are his favorite...and mine ;)

I finished the pieced backing and top of my Pop Garden Quilt and got it sandwiched. I started some stippling and started having trouble with the thread tension again! Here it is, sitting at my sewing machine....and I am not. I'll try again tomorrow. There's just only so much time you can spend with your seam ripper before you feel like you're on the verge of needing a psychiatrist, amen!???

While I was out, my hubby decided to take T for a haircut. His hair has been growing for quite a while now and is beautifully curly. We were out one day and a woman called him a girl, so that was it for my husband. I tried to plead my case for the curls, and was almost in tears when I returned home to an unfamiliar looking kiddo, but I got over it quickly...he looks so handsome!

I visited Clementine's Dry Goods on Saturday. I love little privately-owned shops. She had some polkadots and stripes from Heather Ross' Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries left at 75% off. It ended up being around $2.50 per yard or something crazy!

See...I told you to go visit this shop! She also gives a free yard for every 10 you purchase at reg. price. I earned my free yard and she let me select quarter's what I had to have.

Some Amy Butler awesomeness

And my favorite Anna Maria Horner Good Folks print.

Have a Fabulous Week!

P.S....This morning I had a very sweet post from a reader named Karen, suggesting that I clean out the lint from my sewing machine to see if it is the cause of my stippling problems...great idea! What a coincidence that Sew, Mamma, Sew! has a great video tutorial today on how to spring clean your sewing machine...go check it out HERE...


Karen said...

I'm not sure if someone has already suggested this or you've tried this already, but I might suggest that you use a spray duster on your machine? I am new to quilting and just learned stippling and my first two projects I thought I was having tension problems on my machine that was less than 6 months old. Anywho, I ended up reading somewhere that cleaning the machine might help and it DID! I spray dusted under the plate, the bobbin holder etc. and under my darning plate and it worked like a charm. Hope that helps, but if it doesn't sorry... good luck.

Ariel said...

Thanks, Karen! That's a tip I haven't heard or read yet, so I will definitely give it a try! I'll let you know what I find out... Have a great week!

Kerri said...

oh, i love the zoo!! we just got a zoo pass, and can't wait to get it in the mail. :)

can't wait to see more of the pop garden quilt!! i just love that one your doing. and the

wow!! i can't believe you got those polka dots and stripes for 75 % off!! you lucky duck!! i love the other prints you picked out too.

ni said...

OMG Love that Amy Butler fabric. I hope I will move back to Canada soon & will be able to shop all these amazing Fabrics. I miss buying beautiful fabric.

Jackie said...

Your little guy looks so cute with his new hair cut. My littlest doesn't have that much hair, so he hasn't gotten his cut yet. It always makes them look so big when they do get that first haircut. :-)

jonahbonah said...

oh man....i totally feel ya on the haircut! my hubby took my son to the salon to HELP me...HA! i didn't need any help...thanks! you can see it in my blog. it was in late 07 or early 08. it still stings a bit...he left a baby and came back a big boy. but, i win cause he has long hair again and HE REFUSES to get it cut!!! that's my boy!!! LOL