Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Colors of Spring

I was always one of those kids who didn't really read my textbook if it didn't have color pictures. Don't you just love the vivid colors that are popping up all around now that it is spring? I had to share some pictures with you that my mom emailed me this week. She has been watching a robin's nest that was planted on the wreath of her front door. Luckily, she has another exit to the house so the robin family can be uninterrupted. Here are her beautiful pictures...

Photography by Twila Usrey

Photography by Twila Usrey

Now we all know why Crayola has a "robin egg blue" crayon in the box of 64!

I decided to purchase some linen today. Have any of you quilted with linen? It just looks so neat next to contrasting bold colors. Here are some linen pretties I found to spark your interest...

Sea and Sky Pillow Cover by PinkLemonadeBoutique

In Touch Clutch by Downstairs Designs

2009 Coin Quilt by Chickpea Sewing Studio

Don't you just love all the Heather Ross prints in this coin quilt above? Don't forget to enter my giveaway, sponsored by Down Shadow Lane, for 5 fat quarters of Heather Ross! Go HERE to enter by midnight on Sunday, April 26th.


Robin said...

Those are some great pics! My boys just loved looking at them! They couldn't believe a pink bird came out of a blue egg...and all named after thier mommy! lol

Bethany said...

The robin eggs are photographed beautifully. I have linen at home, now to see how it quilts out.

Kerri said...

such beautiful pictures of the robins eggs!! and those are some lovely linens, my fav. is the pillow!!

jonahbonah said...

your blog is just so much fun!!!!! i've decided to follow!!! :o)