Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mr. Postman made my day...

Well, we really have a Mrs. Postman....or postwoman. Anyway, I came home to find several packages on my porch today, just waiting for me. I love that feeling :)

I was so excited to receive my order from Sarah Jane Studios. I was most anxious to see the personalized family tree in vintage summer colors. If you haven't visited Sarah Jane's blog or etsy store, you simply must! Every home needs one of her precious family trees. And once you have one of those, you'll need some of her other prints to go with it! They are archival and printed on some of the nicest high-quality paper you'll ever feel. I'm in love!

I was also excited to learn that I was chosen as the winner of a giveaway at Quilting on a Budget. Joan sent me a lovely gift of organizational tools for my sewing room (which is actually my dining room table right now, and I can use all the organizational tools I can get!). It includes the neatest quilt bag to use for storing your quilts or giving as a quilt gift bag. It even has a label window. Also included, was a vinyl basket with pockets for scissors and rules, etc. as well as a bobbin box. Thanks, Joan!!

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