Sunday, April 5, 2009

A little frustration

Well, I was hoping to have my coin quilt wrapped up this weekend. I've decided that learning to free-motion quilt is not for the faint of heart! I've run into some snags along the way, and while I am proud of getting this far, I'm taking a break from that quilt for a few days. For some of you more seasoned quilters out there, perhaps you could answer some questions for me? I've been using 100% cotton thread by Gutermann. I'm having all kinds of problems with it breaking and unraveling/becoming weak/bunching up on my machine needle. I finally found a good thread tension for the right stitch, and now I'm battling thread that falls apart! Should I be using something with polyester in it???

The Alexander Henry Birdseed fabric I was waiting on FINALLY arrived yesterday...only to find out that Jo-Ann's is currently carrying it! Sheeesh! That would have been much faster. I got everything cut and am finishing up piecing the quilt top for my mom's "birthday" quilt. It's very exciting because I made up my own pattern and everything! Can't wait to have that "aaahhh....." moment when I pull it from the dryer after being washed for the first time!

And here is a little taste of what I'm gathering for the next quilt....but can't decide on a pattern!

Time to relax for a bit :) Hope you're all enjoying a nice weekend.


Kerri said...

i have had less problems with the cotton thread, and am pretty much only using that now. i always change my needle before quilting a quilt and if i forget, i quickly am shown after i start by having troubles with the tension. i'm not sure about the thread breaking, and bunching up. maybe amandajean or nettie could answer that since they've been quilting for quite a while. don't give up though, free motion quilting can be so much fun!! :)

Philigry said...

your quilts are so bright and pretty. I love them. I am thinking it has to be something with your tension? also, did you wind a bobbin for your top thread? sometimes i don't do that part, and I always have problems. keep at it. i hope you get it figured out because your quilting looks really nice.