Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Robots on the Brain

1. build a ROBOT cupcakes!, 2. emmett's robot, 3. Robot Lovers, 4. robot needlebook and pincushion, 5. robots_01, 6. I Robot, 7. Kokka Trefle Large robots, 8. Robots Crayon Roll, 9. 3rd grade portrait, 10. Robot Love Valentine Card, 11. I'm Awesome!!!, 12. Robot Red-Rover, 13. Robot Party 414. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

There's a sweet little guy at our house, about to turn 2! Guess what theme we're going with for his birthday party.....


SewAmy said...

my sweet daughter is in the robotics club at school. I will have to get some of your robot fabric and make her all kinds of things out of it. Love it.

B. said...

I love that idea, totally unique and completely uncommercial! I vow while I can still control it a little there will be no McQueen cakes in our house, last year we did jungle!

I can't wait to see what cake you get!

Katie B said...


It might be too late, but have you seen these cute robot invites? Stephanie Fizer has really adorable robot prints in her etsy shop too.


Rebecca said...

i am loving robots right now too! i want to make a robot quilt for my husband.

Poppyprint said...

Hi Ariel,
Thanks for inviting me to the flickr hand-stitched group. I will happily follow along and be inspired by all you talented gals. Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your blog is!! I love your page design - so pretty.