Monday, September 28, 2009

CONGRATS to a Winner and Runner-UP!

Weeeelllll, I'm a little late posting the winners of the giveaway because I was, ahem, hunched over my new sewing machine :)

Thank you to all my creative bloggy friends who came up with super cute names for miss Janome 6500. It was so tough to choose one, so I picked TWO!

The first winner suggested the name that I plan to use...Angie suggested, "Matilda". I like it. I think I'll call her "Tilde" for short :)

The second winner cracked my stuff up with his suggestion. Thanks, John for the clever name, "Ja-Gnome". Makes me think my machine is a rapper gnome from da're right...I'm just a goofy white girl with a sewing machine, but I loved his idea.
If I selected your name, email me at to claim your prize!

Wanna see what I've been working on?

I was just itching to use my red, aqua, and pink fabric from Sew Deerly Loved! It's time for something really girly for a change, and it gave me an excuse to use some of my Lollies and Hedgies, Storybook Mushrooms, and Willard Gnome fabrics.


Kris said...

That little quilt is so cute! I love red and aqua. I really need to buy some fabric in that colorway.

Jackie said...

I LOVE the way your quilt looks so far! Great job and I love the name of your new machine.

Pamela said...

Love the quilt you are working on. Can't go wrong with red, white and aqua!!

Jen said...

Look at these fabrics! This is gorgeous! you inspire me.

tasha said...

this is a very pretty quilt! your fabrics look great incorporated into it!