Thursday, July 9, 2009

Something new...Sketchy Applique

Sketchy Applique...never heard of it until Kerri made my little mini quilt and used this technique to applique some gnomes and hedgies in the middle of the quilt blocks. After seeing it, I love it!

I've mentioned in an earlier post that I'm participating in a quilting bee specifically for kid's quilts. Each member mails out fabric to make a block or two for their quilt. I had the opportunity to try out this sketchy applique technique with Kris' bug blocks. I'm not quite finished going around each shape, but you'll get the idea from the wings...

Here's my recommendation for trying this technique...

-Iron your fabric cutout pieces to a piece of heat n' bond, by following the instructions on the package (Some people cut out their shapes after the fabric has been adhered to the fusing sheet, but I feel like I waste less when I cut the shapes first and lay them on the sheet like a can also put a piece of butcher paper on top to keep the "goo" from getting on your iron)

-Trim the excess heat n' bond off your shapes, peel the backing, and arrange them on your fabric block.

-Iron the pieces in place

-Using your darning foot, free-motion stitch around the inside border of each shape. I like to go around twice or more to give it a really "sketchy" look.

Pretty simple stuff! Unless you have a machine who has to be baby'ed every time you want to free-motion....I am still on the hunt for a new quilting machine ;)


jenj said...

This is super cute. I love the "artistry" you add to quilting!

B. said...

Ariel, you're really branching out! I love it! But it also makes my feel very plain about my quilting lately!

Kerri said...

These are definately the cutest bugs from the bee! I love how you did the sketchy applique. When I practiced on some withought having the quilt sandwitched the stitches didn't turn out right. The tension was all off. How did you do it?