Friday, May 29, 2009

It's a good day.

You know, I can usually say I've had a good day even when something crazy happens, like yesterday when my kiddo REFUSED to be strapped into his carseat....kicking, screaming, pinching....making all the old bittys at the quilt shop comment on the fussiness of my was still a good day (cause I went Clementine's instead and purchased more awesome Pop Garden).

However, today is a GOOOOOD day. It's the 5th anniversary of the day I married my buddy, Jeremy. He's a good sport and a really good husband and father. I love him bunches. And, he's taking me to the Cheesecake Factory tonight....but you'd rather hear about fabric, right?

(ignore that weird black spot on my's on the scan)

It's also a good day because I went to the mailbox and saw so many goodies had arrived! I recently swapped a sewing machine drawing with my new blogger/quilter friend, Kerri of Lovely Little Handmades. (She also has the cutest cutest things for wee ones in her etsy shop MayaElise Boutique!)

In return, she made the sweetest red and aqua mini quilt for my sewing room! It's the cutest quilt I own now! Look at this sweetness....

She loves Pop Garden too, so I sent her some of the red and aqua daisy. I think she wins the award for sweetest new friend though, because look what she slipped into my parcel...I'm not going to lie...I peed a little. :)

There's out of print fabrics out the wazoo...Johnny and Buck... Heather Ross Dogs, Gnomes, Mushrooms, Goldfish, Volkswagon Vans, polkadots, stripes...Little Red Riding Hood!!!....hedgies...birds!!!!!! OH MY! Thank you, Miss Kerri for being so precious to share such a bounty with me! It will be used lovingly!

Take a minute to check out Kerri's blog and shop! She is super talented and has great taste. If you have some baby showers to attend soon, she's your gal. She has made the most beautiful custom items.

And, finally...thanks to one of my dear friends, Cherie, a.k.a. The Queen of's been suggested that I add something new and super cute to Pocketful of's a sneak peek! That Cherie is always up to great ideas...! Visit her blog for splendid ideas on how to get something for nothing and save on your everyday shopping ;)
I'm off to finish daily chores and spend time with my little guy before his sitter comes for the evening :)


B. said...

Congrats on 5 years! We will be celebrating the same number in November. As usual the blog is great.

Pamela said...

I love Keri's blog, and you are super lucky to have one of her quilts!!

Jackie said...

Happy anniversary!! I hope you had a great evening. I love the swap pieces. Now I have another blog to follow. :-)

Anonymous said...

That quilt is adorable!

Vana said...

You both look amazing! What a perfect couple. Congratulations on the 5 years. We just closed 6 years last weekend.

Lynsey Grant said...

Several Comments:
a) What is it with quilt shop ladies hatin' on us mommies with little ones? Argh! It's like they don't realize that we are the next generation of quilters. One of these days I'm going to haul off and tell them their trade is going to die off if they don't start being nicer to young mothers!
b) Happy Anniversary:) So sweet.
c) I LOVE that little mushroom/gnome quilt! Holy cow, it's awesome. The fabric is to die for.
Last but not least- miss you! Any chance of you coming down to S#11*^@n next weekend and hanging out with me? :)

Kerri said...

i'm sooo glad you love the little quilt!! :) THANKS for such a fun trade, and it has been even more fun to get to know you, and be able to call you a friend!! i love seeing the sewing machine art piece everytime i go in my sewing room. it makes me think of you!!