Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flowers for you

Just a quick post to share some flowers with you...I hear it is supposed to rain here today, so enjoy some beautiful Indiana Peonies from my garden! Peonies usually mean the Indianapolis 500, and warmer weather, so I was excited to see them bloom this weekend.

There were plenty blooms to fill two vases, so one for you, and one for a friend :)

And, I listed "Little Red" today in the shop....go check her out :) Also blogged about here.


kristie said...

ariel, those peonies are so beautiful! i dug up 2 bushes from my grandmother's house on monday (we sold the house...) i hope hope hope they live (it wasn't exactly the proper time to move them but i had no choice). thanks for entering my givewawy today!

STEPHANIE. said...

beautifyl peonies! Super cute blog...I will be back again soon. :)