Monday, September 26, 2011


Whoooop! Where has the time gone? Probably into the I've been spending on Pinterest and IKEA recently :) Are you on Pinterest??? Bah! You should be! It's sah-weet!

Remember me rambling about taking a break from illustrating books to allow time for my hubs to work on his MBA and for me to make sure I hold down the fort with now TWO boys running around? Welp, every bit of my creativity is welling up inside, bustin' to do something I've decided to redecorate the downstairs. Crazy. Yup.

The dining room is gone. Well, not literally the room, just the fact that it is no longer for dining, but for playing. We broke down and created a playroom. Best idea ever. I just kept fighting it because I was holding onto that piece of me (pre-kiddos) that LOVED to entertain guests and set a mean Martha Stewart table for Thanksgiving. Who am I kidding? I'd rather my kids get their marble run off my coffee table. Who's with me?

Long story short (cause it's been since, what? AUGUST 2nd since I posted last) I've been pinning away all the ideas I can glean from Pinterest's wealth of creativity. I've fallen in love with curtains (all of them) from Urban Outfitters. And the last 3 lines of fabric by Anna Maria Horner (I might as well upholster the whole house in it. Oh, and chevrons...cause they're everywhere right now, right?

Somebody stop me.


Candice said...

There's no way to stop you if the totem is one of the prints you chose!! :) hehe!! LOVE it! Keep us posted with all the amazing pictures :) And toy rooms are the best thing ever- esp when they are close to all the mommy "work" areas :) A great move!

B. said...

Not willing to stop you at all, just waiting, holding my breath to see what you make next! Don't let me wait too long.