Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fleece Diaper Soakers

Let me start by saying that I love cloth-diapering folks. I wanted to do it so badly with my boys, but couldn't get my hubs to be okay with the thought of 'poop in the washer'. Geeps. ;)

So I was super excited for my friend, Lindsey, who just had her second baby, when she decided she wanted to give cloth-diapering a go. She did her research and decided on un-bleached pre-folds with Snappis and soakers. I thought, perfect....I definitely want to buy her some wool interlock soakers for her shower. THEN, I did my shopping. Whoa. I found out that I can't afford wool interlock soakers, nor can I afford or FIND wool interlock yardage to make them myself. Sooooooo, here's my story of a comprimise, that hopefully will work wonderfully for my sweet friend's new baby Lilly.

My (other) friend, Lynsey, is a super-pro on cloth diapering, so I sought out her advice. She directed me to this pattern and advised me to try fleece instead. While not as natural as wool, fleece is also breathable and can be thrown in the dryer (perfect for folks who can't afford to have Nana 'accidentally throw their $40 wool soaker in the dryer on high' and end up with an extremely expensive, tiny wool scrubbie).

They were VERY fun to make. The pattern is spot-on. Just be advised that you have to stretch the waist and leg bands as you sew them on. I had some fun making appliques for the bum this case, apples, which had me humming, " bottom jeans, boots with the fur..." I'm sure her daddy would not appreciate my humor here. :)


Jeannette said...

I loved using cloth diapers for my son (20 yrs ago)....I used something called rubber duckies....similar idea. These are adorable!!!

"The Queen of Free" said...

Apple bottom jeans . . . you are too funny. :) These are SO cute. talent just oozes out of you.

Jackie said...

They look great! As a cloth diapering mama I can only imagine how excited your friend must have been to receive your gift. Now, I need to make my baby some cut soakers since she has been using her brother's hand-me-downs. :-)

Lynsey Grant said...

I love the way those turned out! SO cute! I also learned the hard way that you have to make sure the stretch of the fabric is going the right way, or you won't get them over your baby's hips, haha :)