Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography Apps

I'm a little obsessed with the two new photography apps I downloaded today on the Samsung Fascinate and Galaxy Tab. Verizon is sending these two awesome gadgets with me to Blissdom 2011 for some review time.

Photography is a huge love of mine, and I'm completely stoked that my friend, Mandy, shared these apps with me. Try them out on your iPod Touch, etc... It's completely fabulous to be able to leave the Nikon at home this trip and just take a sleek little phone, without sacrificing too much picture quality...especially since I'll be taking baby Clayton...and everything but the kitchen sink. (But I packed dish soap and a scrubber...am I nuts?)

Check out Retro Camera and Vignette for options to make your photos look like they were taken 40 years ago.


B. said...

Love it but you already know that!!

cnydalynn said...

awesome. on taking the kitchen sink with you... when I have babies I always take the kitchen soap and a scrubbie. I will tell you also that medela makes microwave sterilizer bags that are awesome! you can use them for bottles, sippies, pacifiers, anything. I always ask the hotel to bring up a microwave if the room doesn't have one or let me use one they have. they always do when I tell them it is to sterilize things for the baby. Have fun!