Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

I'm all bummed because I should be getting a 3D ultrasound right now, but the ultrasound tech called in sick today....the earliest they can get me in is next week. I was so excited to see baby's chubba cheeks today :)

So, I'll blog about Mother's Day and fill you in on the fun here. I hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day...if you're not a mother, hopefully you were able to have a moment to honor your mommy, even if she's gone.

I'm terrible about remembering gifts until the last minute, but this year, I got a head start :)

Exhibit A: the dusty Kitchen Aid stand mixer that always has to be cleaned BEFORE you can use it because the bowl collects dust and splatters from the everyday.

Exhibit B: The ingenious mixer cover that allows you to clean your mixer once and not again until after you use it again....(I'm not the ingenious one to invent it, of course, but I will try to get a tutorial up for you soon...) I ended up making one for my mother-in-law and for my two sisters-in-law that visited this weekend.

And, this purty stack came from my hubby, who said, "I was going to just let you pick something out for Mother's Day..." Sounds good to me ;)


JennyDillBrown said...

Ariel! This is awesome! I will be watching like a hawk for the tutorial! I totally need one of these (and I'd love to make these for people, too)! Wheee!

Unknown said...

OMGosh you smart girl... i need one of those for mine!! i HATE recleaning... like the first time was fun or something??? you have very lucky women in your life!! :)

xo, Heather

Angie said...

I love my cover:) You're my favorite, we had a great time on Friday! Love ya sis!

tabbiegirl said...

I'll be watching for your tutorial. I have been trying to find one for ages - Cleaning my machine everytime I wan't to bake is a pain!

Robyn said...

How bizarre! I just found your blog from Lovely Little Handmades. First of all your graphic on your blog is awesome. I could use something exactly like that. I'm assuming you created it. My blog is robynsnest. I love to sew and take pics so your graphic would fit me amazingly. Then I scroll down checking out your lovely quilts and see you've mentioned a son named Titus. My middle son is named Titus. What are the odds? It's such an uncommon name. Anyway, nice to meet you, you have a lovely blog. Do you ever do graphic art like that for sale? I'm thinking I'd love you to make me something if you do that kind of thing.

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

Excellent tutorial. I just 'found' you through Kerri's blog and I immediately buzzed over to your shop b/c your fabric is so cute! You are the next Heather Ross!! Love your blog