Sunday, June 7, 2009

F.C. Gallian Studios

I am so thrilled to share a brand new etsian, who happens to be my best friend from "home". Faith and I have had lots of laughs and tears together and she is truly a beautiful person and a very talented photographer.

If you're searching for a special something for Father's Day, or just love beautiful photos, head on over to Faith's new esty shop: F.C. Gallian Studios!

Best of luck and love to my buddy in her new endeavor!


Kerri said...

thanks for sharing!! those are all amazing photos!! i hope someday i can take pictures half as good as that!!

faith Gallian said...

you are my best buddy ever. Thank you so much for that. We have had lots of tears and laughs together my forever friend.

faith Gallian said...

Oh and Kerri thank you as well!!!